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'sport park' of Torraccia in Pesaro


client: city of Pesaro
program: urban design
date: 1997



Purpose of the project was to provide an extra communal multifunctional area for the city of Pesaro. This area contains big sport equipment like the stadium and a sport hall; open air playgrounds, green spaces and a system of paths along the river. Receptive and commercial equipments are already
The project area is placed along the river Foglia, a very important ambiental system. Due to the very high frailty of the area, all the open / impermeable spaces, like parking, have been studied very well. Along the central strip all the parking are organized, keeping and including in it the existing buildings to house small commercial and service equipment. The squares and the pedestrian paths are arranged in two turned axis as opposed to the parking strips. On this two axis the big square as entrance to the Palace will take place. This square is made by a series of sloping down levels connecting the street with the entrance of the sport hall below. Between the square and the access street all the principal buildings are organized. A long and low building with some emerging volumes on the sides will mediate between the big dome of the Palace and the surroundings. The flat-building will contain a mall and stores. The stretched building, connected to the shopping center with a covered path, will contain directional and tertiary functions. A double high arcades will allow the access towards the Palace entrance. A hotel is placed at the northern side of the area, an office tower is placed at the southern side to follow the sequence of high buildings proposed in the city plan along the main axis that connects all the districts of the city.


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