Studio Associato Bernardo Secchi Paola Viganò

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

around the airport area in Genève


client: canton of Genève, Rhone-Alpes Region
program: urban study
date: 1997-1998
consultant: A.Corboz, G.Descombes, C.Lopez, F.Ascher, J.Busquets, M.Desvigne



The wide ‘franc-valdoise’ region around Geneva airport is part of a city with a vacuum at its center. The city is easily structured around a few lines of connection where certain elements of the region offer some resistance:  groves, woods, water, the shape of the slopes, the landscape, etc. The landscape is made ​​up of different materials: large individual objects as well as large ensembles, individual houses and sequences of public spaces. To structure these built spaces, the project proposes to have a large diagonal park where the village and the existing neighborhoods can profit from a distance. Then, some new programmatic connections could link many functions such as the CERN, the international schools, the research centers and the new office buildings and workshops.
The proximity of the airport and recent constructions have a significant impact on the organization of the project.
The project of "Golden Rectangle " in Geneva is the result of a contest held in 1996 by the Canton of Geneva. This contest was won by the following group : F. Ascher , J. Busquets, A. Corboz , G. Descombes , M. Desvigne and B. Secchi.


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