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client: city of Pesaro
program: urban planning
date: 1996-1998
consultant: Lucina Caravaggi, Teresa Sorrentino; Carlo Francalancia, Paola Galli; Alberto Tomei; Emmanuela Mollica, Cristiana Pesciullesi; Daniele Rallo, Sergio Dinale, Ezio Micelli; Marta Baretti, Marco Donati, Andrea Di Filippo, Giovanni Orlandini ; IRS; O.D.

studio Pesaro PRG


The master plan for the area of ​​the Torraccia is one of the strategic projects proposed in the new city map of Pesaro, developed by Secchi and Viganò. The purpose of project was to provide a common multipurpose space again for the city of Pesaro. The region already contains large installations such as a sports stadium and gymnasium, playgrounds outdoor green spaces, and a network of trails and walks along the river. Infrastructure and services trade are also provided. Zone project is located along the Foglia River living a very important system. Because of the high vulnerability of the water box, many impervious areas such as parking have been studied closely. All parking spaces are organized along the central area of the objective release existing buildings and give up to small business infrastructure and services. Squares and footpaths are inflected organized in two axes , across the parking area. It is on these two axes What positioned the main square, which serves access to the palace. This site is designed as a series of inclined ramps that connect the street to the gym less. Between this site and the access road , organizes the implementation other buildings. A long low building with some outstanding volumes on sides mediates between the great dome Palace and the environment. the building include a shopping center and small shops. The elongated building, connected to the center business by a covered walkway include management functions and teaching higher. A double height gallery give access to the entrance of the Palace. A hotel is located on the north side of the area and a tower offices on the south side so as to follow the sequence of high-rise buildings, as proposed in the plan of the city, along the main axis that connects all parts of the city together.


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