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structure plan for the city of Kortrijik



city of Kortrijk

program: structure plan
date: 1991-1999


link: Hoog Kortrijk

The project Hoog Kortrijk suggests some obvious questions that do not arise in the first place from the program, but from the confrontation of program with the character of the place.
landscape Kortrijk may seem flat first glance, but it is composed of slopes soft with low buildings. the project first consider the possibility of a principle the " establishment", the idea of ​​giving the Hoog Kortrijk a clear structure, both in whole and in different parts. the draft reads largely at ' Ground floor of the city ', in which planning can have a lasting influence.
three " rounds" are the basis of this project, three urban and horizontal objects that intersect the site and are placed against buildings existing or new with a certain thickness . The surface and thickness are developed to meet the program to complete and impart a collective dimension. the size of each wafer is proportional to number and importance of the functions they contain.


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