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La Spezia and the Magra valley




region of La Spezia

program: urban planning
date: 1990-1993
consultant: Arturo Lanzani


publication: Tre Piani, La Spezia Ascoli Bergamo (ed. C.Bianchetti), Franco Angeli, Milano,1994

The Magra Valley is one of the finest regions of Italy discovered by the Romans it was attended by over two centuries touring European Romanticism. The Gulf of La Spezia is called the Gulf of Poets. The region is divided into two parts :the Gulf of La Spezia with these peninsulas on one side and the Magra valley on another. These both parts are separated by a chain hilly. On the slopes of the two parties, ancient villages and scattered houses recently become rural dwellings vacation. The plan, early '90s, from a study depth of most recent changes occurred in the territory as a result of three main factors: the development the port of La Spezia and the high demand spaces for storage containers derived therefrom; dispersed development a series of craft - industrial activities in the region, the development of tourism. These phenomena, which obey a rationality "Modern" often aggressive and ill-considered, which gives the market a mythical dimension, introduced into the territory of a series contradictions and conflicts with a landscape such as traditional landscape obeyed, on the contrary, a " minimal rationality ", which really concerned only elements essential and necessary and not proposing to "change the world ". The plan of this conflict its theoretical theme and operational principal. There is not a conservation plan, but rather a return to minimum rationality concept , which facilitates innovation and does not require large projects with their slow time of realization.


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