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masterplan for the city of Maaseik - international competition
[first prize]



city of Maaseik

program: masterplan
date: 2014



The proposal for the site in Maaseik presents a methodology and the start of a project. Through a reflection on a number of themes we have developed a reconfiguration of the site. Our aim is to provide a vision which generates continuity of space and focuses activity. The goal is to create a masterplan for the site that will guide development and that is strongly linked with the historical city center, while also providing a specific space for the city center. The themes have been tested and developed strongly, however they have to be seen as exercises which have to be confronted with stronger analysis of the specificity of the context and the different actors and stakeholders involved in the project.
The first theme we would like to explore for the site is that of green space. Within the medieval maps the current site can be recognized as a monastery with gardens, acting as a larger green space within the walls of the very dense city.  In masterplan we wish to explore how  green space in the site can both act as both an attractive and connecting element in the city structure. A second theme we wish to explore is that of mobility and urban spaces. The site is positioned between the historic city center and the new developments at the other side of the n78. Within the masterplan we want to explore how to integrate more spaces for pedestrians and to optimize the accessibility with public transport. A third theme we want to explore is the theme of recycling density. The strategy of recycling density is one of concentrating density linked to the existing structures. With the recycling of density we also develop alternative living concepts. The unique character of the hospital site needs to be maintained and provides allows the possible development of housing in combination with other functions.


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