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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Landshut in Bayern- international competition
[mention prize]



city of Landshut

program: masterplan / housing development
date: 2014



In Landschut - a pre-alpine context, a part of Greater Munchen Area, an ancient and rich city, a place of flooding risk and of strong agricultural tradition - a contemporary periphery is growing. The characters of this periphery are not exciting: fragmentation of space, lack of urbanity, lack of pedestrian continuity, car oriented design everywhere; erosion of agricultural land. A banal, poorly articulated urban periphery.
Our ambition is not only to design an innovative neighborhood, but to contribute to a larger re-qualification of Landschut where the proximity between landscape, residential, employment, services, and to strengthen alternative mobility can enable an ambitious city project. To reach this ambition we propose a strong system of public spaces which are enrooted in the territorial context, in the form of the territory, in its geometry and structure. The proposal valorizes the agricultural context and offers a typological variety which allows flexibility and where different lifestyles are possible. Landschut-West can be requalified starting from the principles stated in the project.


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