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Laissac square and realization of new hall in Montpellier - international competition



City of Montepellier


public space / mixed use

date: 2013
consultant: ARCADIS, Construction Economics


Highly fragmented, the city of Montpellier often lacks continuity provided by the public space : geometric continuity, continuity of possible practices suggested or prohibited continuity materials flooring, continuity of furniture, lighting and also in some if continuity of functions.
The goal here is ambitious : to establish a strong and noticeable continuity between the South area Patch, Laissac, Station, on the fringes of the old town with the old town itself, the connection between the tower Babote and urban space in within the market. It is indeed to make this space one place.
An eminently pedestrian square. A flooring tiles and paving limestone , Montpellier materials par excellence that bind to existing coatings and emerging areas of pedestrian traffic, tram and cars. The irregularities that exist on the site and through the market is supported by gentle slopes and ditches, is highlighted by benches that suggest different possible practices in different places. A minimal design that leaves the interpretation and paths through the site open to residents.
A place that can only be practiced differently throughout the day : in the morning it is the market that dominates , sometimes the weekly market in the afternoon and evening it is rather stroll from cafes and restaurants a well-lit space and refreshed by the water in the summer.
If space is designed as a single, continuous and materiality as homogeneous (slabs and limestone pavers , outside the concrete inlaid limestone show the dominant color of the soil inside the market), the articulation and urban rhythms are sure to succeed.
Along the Avenue of the Republic, the facade of the market is integrated into a rhythm of plots that show the size and type of vegetation Edouard Adam instead.
Four pine next to the café or catering, chairs and tables : all this built opportunities to understand the project at a larger scale and at the same time speaks of local and practical qualities. The pace of three plots fits into a rhythm of open green spaces along the avenue.
The interest is two plots in and west of the market is also going beyond the distinction between street / service areas (less qualitative , in general) and street / main spaces . Although access to underground parking for cars and utility vehicles is on the east side , the market may extend over public space, enlivening the street. To the west, beyond the plot , spaces for bikes line up. To the east, always to the south of the plot , access to underground parking, delivery area, the drive location and presentation area.
Crossed by multiple passes, the market continues to plot the south, where two rows of trees, structure, angled, space open market . The place is optimally oriented and can become a very nice place.


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