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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

sports and art center, Destelheide in Dworp - international competition



City of Destelheide

program: masterplan
date: 2013
consultant: Dirk Jaspaert (BAS), Dries Beys (ARA)



Destelheide is located in south of Brussels, it is a heterotopic object, an institutional space dedicated to the art and practice.
The existing architecture and the old photos of the 60s tell a common story: the idea of ​​a structure capable of opening spaces for expression. Today the educational and pedagogical activity seems to have replaced the original creative work. The place belongs to a generic educational landscape, a functional space. It became a total "outside" without "interiority".
We propose to reconstruct the possibility of an "inside", where to work, to think, to meditate: alone or in small groups. An "inside" is the value of the most intimate space in both the architecture and in the park. Inside it is a space where one can sit comfortably on the terrace of the cafeteria, facing the valley. It is also a room where you can stay for an afternoon to work on the veranda. An interior space gives the possibility to concentrate and the ability to choose to be with others or to be alone.


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