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Lille metropolis 2030



Lille Métropole

program: territorial vision
date: 2011-2013
consultant: Orgéco, Egis, Pattou-Tendem



The presented and discussed analysis of SCOT in 2010 concerns the communes and intercommunities of the arrondissement of Lille. Our reflections are thus inscribed in a strongly deepened process and methodology of elaborating the SCOT around the challenges of practising urbanism in the territory more eloquently named ‘Lille Metropolis’. Strengthened by its various works, converging analysis, reflections of LMCU and our field visits, we bring our insight on the questions and hypotheses of a new attractiveness for Lille and propose a new vision for the agglomeration on the horizon of 2030. The exploration of the territory has suggested us some strategic themes: recycling, attention for life span of materials, pieces of the city and the territory; the importance of the valleys and the biodiversity for the interpretation and spatial structure of the Metropolis; the hybridization between the spaces of the compact city and the diffuse city, the rhetoric submission to the dramatisation of their relations which will lead to a new reflection on the new forms of the Metropolis and its different parts; finally the infrastructural support of the Metropolis, the water and the rail in their past and future role.


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