Studio Associato Bernardo Secchi Paola Viganò

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

station area in Charleroi




city of Charleroi, SNCB holding

program: masterplan / infrastructure
date: 2011-2013
consultant: Eurogare



The ambition of this study is the revitalize of a "piece of city", the Charleroi South Station and the territories in south that bound the station.
The objectives are:
- location of a new Sport-Palais with a capacity of 12000 spectators
- Strengthening the transversely of the station so that the station becomes an urban connection and not a border of the town
- The development of intermodality and soft modes across the city and as a corollary of the study site
- Revitalization of the area of the station and the neighborhood of Charleroi-Sud, la Villette and Marcinelle
- The application is morphologically densification of Urbanization
We propose an ambitious masterplan that can be resumed by four main questions:
-The Lower Town is now changing and many renewal projects are taking place or will in the coming years. The center develops continuously from the Upper Town to the edge of the station. It is urgent to integrate the site of the station in this dynamic with a quality project, including proposing a new urban facade and a large public space on the Sambre. Particular attention also needs to be paid and nuanced public spaces and relations with the neighborhood of la Villette.
-It is to propose a piece of attractive city between the Lower Town and the south of the city with the aim of facilitating linkages between the compact center of the city and its neighborhoods more residential.
– Charleroi-Sud station condensed modes of public transport with a large supply for the city. The masterplan reorganizes this services and proposes a renewed and translative train station. - The location of the big equipment, the Sport-Palais, enjoys a unique opportunity to be served optimally by public transport. This is also an opportunity to couple the parking of the equipment with the parking needed for the train station.


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