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Nieuw Zuid in Antwerp - international competition
[first prize]



city of Antwerp, development Neiuw Zuid

program: masterplan / housing development / public space
date: 2011 - 2012
consultant: 3E, ARA, BAS, Citec, IDEA consult, Yves Hermot



The project for a new part of the city is always a complex and layered operation. In the case of New South it deals with the force of settling new rules on top of an already urbanised area; with the re-interpretation of an existing context through the gaze of a new functional program; with the time variable that needs flexibility, inside a clear spatial structure ; with the coexistence of a plurality of projects and actors that will animate the new urban space, without producing a banalised catalogue of spaces and buildings.
Three themes
The competition brief asks to develop ideas on three different perimeters: a bigger one including the South Station and the Spaghetti Node; the second, i.e. the area between the Kaaien and the Leien crossing the Tribunal; and the third selecting an area where to focus and detail the project. This is not simply a way, a trajectory going from a bigger scale to a smaller one; it is, in our opinion, the opportunity to use the design project to investigate three different themes, each one developed at different scale.
1 the park à pois
2 a concept for an urban structure: the striga
3 theme: larger and cheaper, innovative housing


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