Studio Associato Bernardo Secchi Paola Viganò

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

centeralities in Wijnegem- international competition



commun of Wijnegem

program: masterplan / public space
date: 2010



The task was to develop a vision for three different areas within the village : the design of the central square , the rezoning of the annuciadenklooster(school) and a new operating structure for Wijnegemhof (city park) . These three parts must also fit into an overall vision for the head office. The first impression of Wijnegem is one of a gray square occupied by the cars. The attractive places of the village, which are numerous, are hidden behind the first façade of the main road, which demandsa very prominent role .A closer examination , however, reveals the presence of a great number of facilities spread over the whole village, in which education is represented at different scales .
Starting from the rich tradition of education, our strategy for the village center is to use the three subprojects to make the great number of facilities accessible, in order to create a perpendicular structure to the central road. This structure will reveal the  hidden and ecologically important value of Kleine Schijn (stream) and attach increasing importance to the canall, which are two structures parallel to the central road that define Wijnegem.


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