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crossing the Grand Paris (North-South)_Seine Amont



Ètablissement public d'Aménagiment Orly-Rungis - Seine Amont

programa: territorial vision
date: 2010-2012
consultant: Biodiversita, MAGEO



The character of the mission is a process accompanying a system of actors, as a design module, led and fed by Studio.
Upstream Seine is located in strategic areas of the Grand Paris and was an opportunity to remind the strategies of " porous city" developed by our team during the consultation on the future of the Paris area and "the city of XXI century Kyoto. "
Production area for over a century , the future of the valley of the Seine will be built with its historic features , unlike the Parisian model who has pushed to the periphery these productive vocations.
Territory to inhabit, it assumes all the social and functional complexity of a metropolitan area , while retaining its unique identity . Active territory and instead of connections , Seine Upstream will firstly find ways to reconcile these different functions but also face risks, including flooding , while finding a link to the river and its banks.
These themes announce Exploring a vision and a local project that we called the project the " green passage ". Minor Seine bed, bank to bank , is the starting point of an investigation that extends confluence confluence (with the Marne and the Yerres ) .
The issue of flood risk finally scored the debate , with in-depth reflection on the concepts of resilience and resistance and the difficulties and ambiguities associated with their implementation.
We propose to detail our assumptions through places : the confluence Seine- Marne and the relationship with the Bois de Vincennes , the " island of Choisy " area and the Carelle Athis-Mons . Each of these areas involves different project themes : from North to South , the respiration of the river, forming a large metropolitan area connected by bike paths , activities and centralities the river ; recovery arm side of the Seine and the opening of the regional park of the city of Choisy, between the gondolas and Villeneuve Triage ; restructuring of the productive and renewal of the urban fabric along the Seine


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