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crossing the Grand Paris (East-West) _Orly


client: Ètablissement public d'Aménagiment Orly-Rungis - Seine Amont
program: territorial vision
date: 2010-2012
consultant: Biodiversita, MAGEO



The territory of Seine Upstream is a prototypical territory of contemporary urban fragmentation , formed by specialized enclaves, closed plates and fragments of nature that is changing radically in its entirety. The coming years may be an opportunity to reopen the discussion on the current characteristics of the territory in addressing environmental issues as a catalyst that produces innovation project of the city and the country, which produces new relationships between natural ecologies and artificial .The challenge is to make it habitable territory today very specialized and hard in several of its parts.
To make it more habitable territory, the proposed overall strategy involves the reconstruction of ecological and functional connections between the plateaus, hills and valleys, which requires work on both the biological, ecological and programmatic aspects in the broad sense . Elements that could be carriers and carriers of a porous city project are numerous: they act at different scales and with specific terms.
The study proposes to reflect on all the possibilities of expansion of existing naturalness , the naturalness of infiltration along preferred directions, its percolation through more or less permeable materials according to their density and. These arrangements movement can also guide us in the programmatic reflection must know and understand leverage existing practices, identify and take into account , as well as devise new .
Developed strategic projects take place in three sequences. Indeed, between the Seine and Seals we recognize three main sequences project, each defined by a theme and a specific territorial condition.
The three sequences are connected by efficient TC and appropriate spaces waves infrastructure environment. Strategic projects and new rules of territorial construction will define a new space and permeable structure , but also the percolation processing in tissues, activity areas along the infrastructure beams.
The three sequences suggest three themes in urban and metropolitan scale : Sceaux sources Ru Rungis , the first and the Plateau with the new urban park (the " Boomerang " and " Lambda ") the second ; arrival the Seine and through the third . Together, they define a new territorial public space, support the transformation.


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