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Val de Durance


client: region of Provance-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
program: territorial vision
date: 2009-2011
consultant: ORGECO, Citec, Gioacchino Garofoli, Fondation pour la recherche sur la Biodiversité



Build a territorial project is a great opportunity to question our idea of ​​future, to apply the test under different scenarios and to propose such a vision that aspires to become collective.
The idea of ​​a new modernity , specific and not generic , we find appears in the image of Val de Durance as reservoir, wider than that of the valley scale, a point of strength and leverage project . Thus the hypothesis of Val de Durance as water tank at the regional level , renewable energy at the national level , biodiversity at European level , scientific innovation on a global scale is an image project . It directs and may guide the selection of places and strategic actions.
If the issue of agriculture is taken as an example in a " agropolitain " territory we can already begin to imagine actions inspired by Cassini hypothesis and strengthen several aspects of the "reservoir " as take advantage of the diversity of dry areas and irrigated and distribute new acreage consistently sectors maintain and develop agro-ecological structures , hedges, open spaces, the meadows, the vegetation of "water" etc.
The strategy for the development of this spatial vision involves constructing an image of the project, which is here the tank , and the implementation of scenario.
The image of the reservoir is a critical picture. Perspective , a perspective that allows us to cross territorial thickness of critical and reflective way. While the scenarios are more like a collection of assumptions, the possible consequences are explored.
So we have not developed a " run of river " scenario in the traditional sense. Instead, we started thinking on the basis of the establishment of a "zero scenario". One that starts from the consideration of projects: this is , in our view, the base of one possible future, one that is already in assumptions change and change in progress or offered on this territory.
Besides the zero scenario we developed two other tracks : The hypothesis radically strengthen transit and territorial consequences of the ITER project. Large external projects, such as ITER , the effect is not a fundamentally new phenomenon in so far as the valley grows and changes, today as in the past , through a series of shocks externally driven. However, the scenario of urbanization along the valley raises important questions with respect to agriculture and biodiversity therefore need to be thought together with the integration of the infrastructure.


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