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masterplan for the city of Oristano


client: city of Oristano
program: masterplan
date: 2009-2012



Guidelines for adaptation to PPR. and P.A.I. of the Oristano Municipal Urban Plan have been illustrated in a document that reflects on an Oristano², about its potential and the possible paths of its development.
The document starts from three hypotheses which take the form of "scenarios".
The first scenario concerns the possible future of a territory of Oristano that becomes a major source of renewable energy (solar, wind, biogas, biomass) so that it can meet demand for energy, for example, all over Sardinia or to become an energy exporter. The second scenario concerns the consequences of policies being targeted to develop different forms of tourism, placing itself not so much in competition with other long-established Sardinian tourism stations as well as new markets on the European scale and in particular the Mediterranean. The third scenario concerns the consequences of an action, mainly in the urban and architectural field, which makes Oristano a city of the highest quality of life and therefore attractive to new populations from different parts of the European continent. Different scenarios move resources of different entity and raise the problem of choice: choose where to invest and what to prioritize. They are useful tools to criticize a series of goals that normally involve an administrative action, to build a set of priorities, to select the actors involved and to build realistic expectations on their part; in other words to build a strategy. Each of the scenarios may eventually give rise to some "guidelines" and a "strategic map" consisting of "management schemes" and "strategic projects" with specific urban characteristics. In the course of the mission we have proposed some that correspond to a first indication of maximum.


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