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sustainable village, Figino in Milano- international competition


client: city of Milano
program: housing development
date: 2009



For person that is not familiar with the area around Milan, the small town of Figino, at the north-west of Boscoincittà may appear a fragment of the periphery , isolated and confined within the ring road , the channel switch Olona and separated from the rest of the city by a few large systems, such as the purifier. For those who have experience of the agricultural landscape of Lombardy, the south and west of Milan, the urban and territorial parks that re- interpret the agricultural support, Figino is located in a place of great beauty. The condos anonymous spaces securised, the lack of permeability of the urban poor overall quality of public space and architecture speak the language of many suburbs . The rural courts , the few remaining steps in them, the tree-lined canals to the limits of telling different stories , a margin that contains within itself elements of quality and leaning to a territory still strong in its structuring signs . The gardens recount the activities of traditionally settled in this territory, but also the history of Figino as a place of refuge for many immigrants from other Italian regions in the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century and their hard work to fit and integrate into local society. A project to Figino must take the two points of view without exclusions : can not connect to peripheral metropolitan area that has been achieved here over the past decades and can not , a fortiori , to overlook the potential of the rural landscape. The two images, that of a living peripheral and rural village, must find points of connection and integration.
The project we propose, a new " rurbanità " has the aim to avoid a further loss of environmental quality and, at the same time, the risk of caricature.


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