Studio Associato Bernardo Secchi Paola Viganò

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

industrial area in Siesegemkouter, Aalst - international competition
[first prize]


client: city of Aalst
program: masterplan
date: 2009-2010

Sven De Bondt




The site of Siesegem in Aalst is extremely beautiful. The competition highlights the key elements of the traditional articulated landscape of the "Land van Zottegem": an open space, where the topography, water and vegetation have left many traces.
Siesegem is not the best place to build a business park. This is why the place needs a careful and detailed understanding: the understanding comes from a physical experience of the place and the projection of this last one of the diversity of practices that could result in the construction of an activity zone.


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