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masterplan for the 'Schaerbeek Formation' area in Brussel - international competition
[first prize]


client: Brussels-Capital Region
program: masterplan
date: 2008-2013
consultant: IDEA consult, ECOREM, Mint, 3E



The competition deals with an old railway area at the northern side of the city of Brussels. Relatively close to the center, the Schaerbeek Formation area is surrounded by a thick infrastructural bundle. The accessibility to the area is obstructed by regional - national and international railway lines and high traffic streets. Moreover the area is historically been used as train storage, this feature has implied a high pollution of the grounds. Above all: coal and heavy metals. The proximity to the Brussels north-haven, to the Schaerbeek train station and to the international airport (Zaventem) clarify the potential of this area. Due to the accessibility high complexity, to the problems of depollution and to the high number of economical and social players involved in the project; we opted for two different strategies instead of one solution. The strategies have been built on a base made by four different scenarios.


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