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Urban centre of Herstal - international competition


client: city of Herstal
program: public space
date: 2008
consultant: S.Ochej, V.Pigeon (Du Paysage)



Current places are comprised of a series of inclined planes that strengthen the prospects . The historical focus on its south side , has its highest point at the square and down gently, or east or west .The project is organized in three spatial features: a large surface area bounded by walls creating a space hopper , this choice is interesting because of the large size that gives the public space and a grassed hill that descends into the up and staged the old chapel enriching the downtown green space , a canopy crossing, visible on both sides of the urban axis , landmark that connects to the theater cinema, sports hall and new offices in city Hall . It is also the beginning of a passage in the future be able to join the boulevard.
The new place Jean Jaurès is a pedestrian area used for the market. Only a policy of radical reorganization of the traffic and parking will provide a quality space and will have a direct impact on the efficiency of public transport. Today traffic invades the center of Herstal , narrow roads are often saturated , sidewalks and the pedestrian space left is insufficient. All public areas are currently occupied by parking, even that part of the inner islands. 200 vehicles currently occupy the places J. Jaurès and C. Lemonnier . Most of these vehicles belong to the officials working in City Hall. It seems that the number of locations on the site is not enough, since the parking lot of the pool and private parking are also some wildly busy. The proposal for the movement allows the establishment of a one-way on the central axis , and the circulation of clean buses site, where an increase in commercial speed . Automobile traffic is separated from the place by two loops in one direction on which are located several pockets of public parking in direct relationship with the center. These landscaped parks are located within the islets based on land belonging to the municipality and expropriation opportunities. It is open and landscaped parks. The number of slots is higher than the current offer on the spot. The tram in the future could connect Herstal Liege travel the boulevard and give access to the city center from the south. The site is traversed only by bus , which stops are located under the new awning. It remains accessible to residents and security vehicles , and that the shops street market day.


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