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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

le Grand Paris : International Consultation of research and development for the future


client: French Government, Public Institution for Business and Cultural Works
program: territorial vision
date: 2008-2009

IUAV (L.Fabian, E.Giannotti, P.Pellegrini), PVT France (F. Reutenauer, F.Prybyla, M.Lenz), Ingenieurburo Hausladen GMBH (G.Hausladen, J.Bauer, J.Comelia, C.Bonnet, R.Frohler), MIT and P-REX (A.Berger, Cleson and P-REX, case Brown), MOX (A.Quarteroni, P.Secchi, C.D'Angelo, F.Nobile, F.Della Rossa) EMU European Master in Urbanism, Fotography (T.Cos)






The consultancy study on Great Paris Region is divided in three parts. The first part ''the porous city'': a knowledge strategy for XXI century -the after Kyoto age- metropolis makes clear our approach to figure out contemporary metropolis situations complexity and depict a possible future. We followed here this pattern: Paris, as others metropolis, will have to face, in the future, some important issues. This drives to the need of considering and build different 'scenarios'. In chapter two, we made a comparison with other metropolis through common criteria, specifying Paris diversity; not drawn only on long time fixed icons. Great Paris is neither only a main tourist venue, nor the mental images Paris inhabitants have of their city. A trial for a new approach study was our guideline. The second part ''the porous city illustrates three different 'scenarios' we consider fundamental for the XXI century -the after Kyoto - metropolis and its future. the scenario 1 took as a model a future of 100% durable energy situation; the second scenario envisages the creation of a new great wetlands system in the metropolitan area, aiming at a composed ecological and recreational system starting from the 'dross' biotic system; and, at last, the shift from a hierarchical vertical system to a horizontal isotropic mass transportation system. In the third part, finally, we will propose some strategic projects, interacting with the three scenarios.


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