Studio Associato Bernardo Secchi Paola Viganò

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

social residential area Dames Blanche, Brussel - international competition


client: Brussels-Capital Region
program: housing development
date: 2008
consultant: Gery Leloutre, Citytools



The programmatic response was based on the interpretation of the context that strongly influences the selection and construction of scenarios; based on the hypothesis of a program of equipment that could give an answer, on one hand the demands of the existing inhabitants, and on the other to the demands of future residents. Finally, the nature and basic characteristics of the three scenarios were defined, the role they can play in future discussions and, in particular, during the process of consultation with the involved stakeholders.
The three scenarios and disclaim ask the question of how to live together, exploring a distinct idea of urbanity just fit into the existing context.
The purpose of the three scenarios is to build a reading grid and arguments able to structure the debate and negotiation among the different actors.
This grid includes a number of themes related to project set different actors involved in the project:
-Real density highlighted for Local and regional authorities
-Density perceived mainly by all riparian
-Introspection, to ensure that waterfront villas maintaining a form of isolation
-Lifestyle and urban forms for new residents
Sustainable-development: energy, water, biodiversity, refers to the future of the community at large
-For each scenario, a concept, an icon, to clarify the purpose and communicate an idea to the greatest number.


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