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masterplan for the center of Begijnendijk- international competition
[first prize]


client: municipality of Begijnendijk
program: masterplan
date: 2008-2010



The master plan for Begijnendijk was based on the concepts that have been proposed in the competition phase. These are based on two general reconfigurations that give the village a completely new structure.
The administrative axis around the new city puts together all public functions that give some viability of what was until now a large parking area. The place is not considered an austere mineral surface, but a transition zone where the character changed from the green surroundings until the city center.
The cultural axis is at the rear of the administrative axis, but integrates itself in a transparent way. It not only creates a cultural walk line between several important places including the church, but also adds functionality to this axis. This gives it an artistic and local character. Again, the green plays an important and leading role when regarding the future of the cemetery park.
Other physical interventions can make more accessible the village of Begijnendijk to pedestrians. Activities that will take place in the future also find their place in close contact with greenery on the basis of functional and visual relationships.


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