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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

new quarter, Regatta in Antwerp


client: city of Antwerp / Vooruitzich SA (public - private)
program: public space / park
date: 2006- in progress
consultant: Dries Beys (ARA), Atudiebureel Stockmans (Antwerp)



The project area in Antwerp Regatta is unique in that it offers the relationship between the urban and public space . The strength lies in the fine mesh of the public space at the local level which gives access to the park by a consistent materialization park that stretches along the Galgenweel along the Scheldt. This network provides ecological continuities between the park and the river and the forest below. These are the natural logic which help draw the plan public spaces.
In the neighborhood courses are organized and prioritized . Some axes promoting access by car and parking, while others remain completely pedestrian and linking public open space , rear gardens and homes. Treatment materials soil and vegetation makes this device readable. The plotted paths is designed to give priority to alternative modes and slow the car . Of '' wadis '' provide natural continuities and from the park and play a buffer role for the recovery of rainwater . Various building plots are subject to various projects by architects , ensuring diversity in the types and morphology of the proposed buildings .
To ensure the transition between the park and the village, the east-west links are strengthened.
The entrances to the park are a series of places that announces '' something else '' . This announcement is made ​​by the presence of materials of the park extend linearly along the footpaths . These places are also equipped with useful features such as bicycle parking , fountains, etc. . A change of vegetation also has the character of the nearby park.
The use and combination of materials is the result of sustained attention to the continuity of the village and the park. This gives a real character to the street and public spaces without becoming eclectic.


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