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Station of Rennes


client: Rennes Métroplole
program: study / infrastructure / urban design
date: 2007-2008
consultant: PTV France, EFFIA MTI



Today the Rennes station ('PEM', Multimodal Exchange Node) is used daily by 62.000 persons, passengers and other users (26% of the total amount uses the station as connection between two parts of the city). As forseen by the development of the Bretagne Grande Vitesse (High Speed Brittany) project which includes a new metro line, the projection of the fluxes in 2020 reveals a +74% increase of connections in the station. The management of a considerable volume of more than 100.000 passenger per day requires a detailed reflection beyond the station immediate proximity scale. Aiming to a broader perspective, the study partnership driven by Rennes Métropole, who brings together within the Piloting Committee, the city of Rennes, the Brittany Region, the State, the national Rail Company SNCF and the council of Ile et Vilaine, envisages an urban reflection that can give answer to the need of an efficient station, proposing as well the development of an exemplary part of the city. The functional program was integrated by the team on the base of the fundamental urban concept of “mixité”. Housing (minimum 23-30.000m2), office (50-70.000m2), commerce and service ( 3-15.000 m2, according to the scenarios) are melted together. The study spreads up and down to all scales: after a first diagnostic phase- starting from the concerns for a comfartable station it broadens its mission to to a territorial scale. In a second phase the study aims to drive, through the 'strategy of scenarios', the different possibilities for the station area planning, from the given pre-program till final choice, putting together the different point of views of different partners and public administration. The third phase will be an in-depth control study of the accepted scenario towards implementation.


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