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new pedstrian bridge in Lamot, Mechelen


client: Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV
mission: infrastructure
date: 2007-2012
consultant: Dirk Jaspeart, Marc De Kooning (BAS)



The project Lamot bridge is not considered a simple connection between the two banks of the Dyle , but as part of the wider strategy for renovation of Mechelen. In this sense and also from a symbolic point of view, the bridge is part of an important link between the Lamot site and the historic center.
These reflections on a large scale are joined by others, explicitly related to the configuration of the site. The project of public space has created a connection in a heterogeneous area is characterized not only by a multitude of features and social practices, but also by a strong fragmentation.
In particular, the need to design with the goal of creating such an open space and readable as possible, led to a series of compromises, like in the first place the need down the level of the place that hindered the possible relationship with the Dyle .
the Lamot site and the fish market are perceived in other words , if two extensions of the Dyle , rather than two different places: the deck and pavilion providing centrality to space and back to the water. Both objects are designed as two terraces cantilevered over the water, as two homes.
Strong heterogeneity in terms of shape, color and style of existing buildings brings us to the use of a very discreet architectural language. The soil is a little bent , black concrete surface. Similarly , the bridge and the pavilion are two surfaces of folded steel.
The bridge is an extension of the road Stoofstraat, where a slight crease directs it to the space instead.


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