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W3: tower in the Western Head Park Spoor Noord, Antwerp


client: private
program: mixed - use
date: 2007-2010
consultant: Dirk Jaspaert (BAS)



Spoornoord is an old railway platform , located in the north of Antwerp , near the old port, in a part of changing city .
Following the competition (2003) won by studio (with P. Kromwijk ) , the former railway land has given way to an urban park on the banks of which densification operations are now in progress . W3 The island was one of the buildings designed by Masterplan studio. Located at the northeast corner of the park, bordered by the Noorderlaan viaduct , this building boasts stunning views of the old port. With this position W3 plays a strategic role for urban head connections and the relationship between the park, water and road infrastructure. Indeed , the base is designed so as to be related with the level of the new bridge and the water park . The main route through the park island ensuring a passage, a continuous urban park to the city and vice versa. Establishing continuity suggests programming the base as support intermingling with stores of different sizes , workshops, while other volumes (both facades and the tower) are dedicated to housing and offices. The integration of the project through a simple and highly homogeneous architectural language that gives continuity to the play of volumes that continue to stand with different heights. Those placed on the edges of the block, define a courtyard . Highly insulated from the outside volumes have good energy efficiency and metal siding plays with the reflections of the water and sky.


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