Studio Associato Bernardo Secchi Paola Viganò

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

river bank, Kaaien in Antwerp - international competition


client: city of Antwerp
program: public space
date: 2006
consultant: Arcadis, AG Licht, Pierre Bazin-Aubépine



The biggest public space in Antwerp, charged with a memory of its past, source of the richness and worldwide importance of the city, the Kaaien as the same Scheldt were for a long time forgotten by Antwerp and, loosing their role and centrality, were transformed in one of the biggest parking spaces in Europe.
Built and modified in different periods and phases, on natural and artificial grounds of different nature, as an answer to different needs and technological developments, the Kaaien are today at the same time an urban space with a unique identity and a sequence of spaces with different characters, roles and functions.


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