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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

area-lever n.13 'Delta' in Brussel - international competition


client: city of Brussel
program: masterplan / housing development
date: 2006
consultant: Arcadis



The development of a masterplan for the area-lever n.13, "Delta" is an interesting opportunity to compare it with a very special and unique city like Brussels. Special because in this city crossing and overlapping levels and types of power is complex, much more than in similar cities of the same size in Europe; exceptional because Brussels is a city of great wealth, which in each its parts reveals the result and the juxtaposition of the conflicts and tensions that animate. This produces an exciting environment, contrasts and potential to discover and collect.
The site of the Delta, urban wasteland on the outskirts of communication nodes, city entrance Southwest Zone lever, where several common interests and meet, represents the city in particular.


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