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masterplan for the Burcht area, Zwijndrecht in Antwerp - international competition
[first prize]


client: city of Antwerp
program: masterplan
date: 2005-2011

Aubépine sarl




The masterplan for Burcht 'village along the river' was completed in 2011 after a long but necessary process that put together the pieces of a big puzzle.
The Scheldt river was the starting point for the masterplan which consists of: a park, the antiparc and the urban fabric.
The park is the guideline that optimally benefits from the qualities of the Scheldt. With its hard and soft edges, it forms a dynamic together with the river that can be experienced through a multifunctional open space parallel to the waterfront. In addition, the park is equipped with all kinds of mixed features that give it a lively and livable character.
The antiparc establishes contact between the village and the infrastructures of the park. Through two different routes with a specific profile, it gives space to the entries of the park. Conversely, the park there shows its facade and enters in the public network of streets and sidewalks.
In addition, there are three different tissues linked by their various individualities that develop different relationships with the antiparc, the park and therefore the Scheldt. More public and collective structures allow a higher permeability to the Scheldt, while houses with patios and the tissues near the Van Heir Avenue profit rather from the local life quality at the edge of the green spaces.


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