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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Place Flagey in Brussel - international competition


client: city of Brussel
program: public space
date: 2005
consultant: Gery Leloutre



Create an available daily and all space. The project for the Flagey structure surface without obstacles, so flexible for all uses up using the topography of the place: a single plane, a single material, homogeneous, described the slopes from one side to the other of the instead. This plan is divided into two in the middle. One side follows the slope toward the street Malibran, the other rises slightly to highlight the slope of the site and includes entries Parking. This continuous surface deposits a red carpet that organizes relations between ponds, the church, the Flagey building, instead, flows trams, cars, pedestrians. It is a transition element between different landscapes and landscape itself that descends from the shoes of Ixelles and then back to the church.


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