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masterplan for the city of Gistel


client: municipality of Gistel
program: masterplan / housing development
date: 2004



Build hundreds of new housing : it is a social housing program in a device small town of West Flanders area. These conditions develop new comfort individual and collective life in a region of Europe or well -being ( welfare ) is already very high. Not only within the privacy of the home cell, but also in other meeting places : my family, my friends or my neighborhood, the people in my community who share the same resources and facilities. New lifestyles also help give a sense of security and protection in a high quality environment . Create places , homes and public spaces that are sustainable and consistent with what the territory in its specific context of the project, will be able to endure and achieve in the next ten or a hundred years. "Living in a home in a community on earth. " Flanders is a big city diffuse, consisting of small and fragile components. Hidden behind the mass dispersed houses and factories or businesses, traditional towns reach less to display a clear and precise form in the urban landscape.


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