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masterplan for the Hoge Rielen area, Kasterlee - international competition
[first prize]


client: city of antwerp
program: masterplan
date: 2002
  2007- present
consultant: Dirk Jaspaert, Mark de Koonig (BAS), ARA



Hoge Rielen was a military camp during the World War II. Protected sheds, pools of water in case of accident ... all this inside a forest once exploited for its timber, necessary material for the neighboring metallurgical plants. After the war Hoge Rielen was transformed into a reception area for youth internships and summer camps. This destination has remain unchanged until today, but the success of the camp brought the need to improve the site. Some specific actions such as the expansion of the sheds, the renewal of the theater, the building of a small hotel, the design of a versatile venue, etc…and general environmental improvements like water management, vegetation, footpaths and sports fields maintenance were considered in the project. The master plan, resulting from the competition winner project, currently under construction, pays great attention to atmospheres that are encounter in the camp and refer to the main present elements : the military background, the nature and the today’s young people who inhabit the place.
Following the master plan Studio has developed detailed plans for the 'Contact Strip' , the Hostel , the renovation of the theater and the poly -functional site.


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