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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Châtelet and Lombardue city areas in Rouen


client: G.I.P-G.P.V. City of Rouen
program: urban study
date: 2001-2002



The urban regeneration required to enroll in strategies far beyond the places concerned . The opening of the two districts of Lombardy and Châtelet in Rouen and their reintegration into the functioning of the whole city can be addressed through themes and projects that cross and connect them to the city: the landscape , comfort, the diversity, the grain of the urban fabric. A territory that draws a long slope broadband approximately 100-150 meters which extends from East to West.This band can become a great element of continuity in the city and the landscape of Rouen throughout this "implicit park" found today woodlands , gardens , alleys on which give small gardensresidential , sports courses , amenities , schools, cemeteries, privileged views of the city below. The park of hills and valleys , such as the ring can be a great tool to open up the trays Hauts de Rouen.Improving accessibility can allow innovative business areas or activities related to leisure time are located in neighborhoods.The bypass was impressive views of the neighborhood and for this reason recreational activities (multiplex hall skates , ' hamam and beauty farm ' hall ) located at the edges of the plates could benefit from high visibility. Reintegrate the neighborhoods Châtelet and Lombardy in the city requires a strong intervention to improve the quality of life : the daily comfort that becomes the subject of urban development policy.The comfort of homes, buildings, spaces and public spaces nearby, the opportunity to direct a clear spatial and functional structure.


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