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Arsenaal area in Mechelen - international competition


client: Ministerie Openbare Werken
program: urban study
date: 2001-2002
consultant: DHV, Stramien, Meertens and Steffens



The site of the arsenal as defined in the offer is a fairly large empty area.The area itself is even larger than the center of Mechelen.On one side, the next development of the area is, by its scale, of major importance for the city and its environment. On the other hand, the course of the study found also more complex, uncertain and unpredictable . Mobility problems (connection for traffic with N1 and as much as possible with the N15 , the new railway equipment, the opening of the dry dock, ...) and issues related infrastructure are rather complicated.Questions about possible new functions and possible market development ( housing, offices, ... ) contain many uncertainties. The development of the area will raise many same budgetary and administrative problems if the process is extremely coordnié and supervised. This development will also take some time. Many procedural and technical obstacles as well as the large number of actors involved directly or external render extremely changing expectations in the medium term.


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