Studio Associato Bernardo Secchi Paola Viganò

Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

along the Dijle in Mechelen


client: city of mechelen
program: public space
date: 2000-2005 realized
consultant: N.V. GILUCO


photography: Teresa Cos

A public space, it is not just a surface a series of street furniture, facilities, ... It is first and foremost a place , space and volume.
Beethoven Street in Lamot area is an external volume that organizes different functions and uses of public space . But even more important is that it is a vital space in the city of Mechelen.Located along the Dyle between the shopping streets , the Lamot site with its new modern art museum, a major new cultural center will be.The space museum, which overlooks the river and the cathedral is an important public space in the center of the main network places Mechelen.In the future, the old brewery Lamot , located along the Dyle between two trade routes, a contemporary art museum and waterfront homes act as an important cultural node.The museum, which will overlook the Dyle , is in the middle of the system capacity and is therefore clearly an important public place in Mechelen. Today, after the demolition of the wing of the brewery from the 30s , the site needs a new coherence , defining both openings and interior public spaces.The site entrance on the side of Guldenstraat will be marked by a new public building to replace the old angle Guldenstraat and Beethovenstraat building. This building manages its location and height , the visibility of the site and completes the front of the Guldenstraat as prescribed by the Directorate of Monuments and Sites.On the ground floor we find a terrace. On the first floor spaces are available for small exhibitions or conferences while floors are reserved for offices.Fluid public space rises from underground parking, along the narrow streets of the old brewery to the next level.


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